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Beyond chaotic eating by Helena Wilkinson

Author: Helena Wilkinson
Product No: 1-9039.0511-7
Price: £8.99

A way out of Anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. Writing from her own experience as an ex-anorexic and as a counsellor, Helena Wilkinson explores the underlying contributory factors to eating disorders, including family background, sexuality struggles and emotional hunger, And provides guidelines for full recovery from chaotic eating. She outlines the various types of help available including counselling, family and group therapy, friendship and self-help, and offers insight and hope to sufferers, their families and carers and to professionals involved in eating disorder treatment. Her insight, understanding and presentation of material makes ?Beyond Chaotic Eating? one of the most fascinating and helpful books on the market for those wanting an answer to eating disorders. Helena Wilkinson is the founding Director of Kainos Trust for eating disorders. She is the author of six books including the bestseller ?Puppet on a String?, which is her personal account of overcoming anorexia, written whilst still only a teenager.