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Snakes and Ladders by Helena Wilkinson

Author: Helena Wilkinson
Product No: 978.19039.05289
Price: £9.99

In her first book, Puppet on a String, Helena Wilkinson told the moving story of her struggle against anorexia, which nearly claimed her life. After the worst of the illness was over, Helena suffered the death of a close friend in tragic circumstances, a broken engagement, health problems and periods of depression in all in close succession. Re-released almost 20 years after it was written.Snakes and Ladders offers invaluable insights for us all as we face life's trials. Based on her frank diaries, Snakes and Ladders tells the story of those years. Through all the ups and downs, God shows her a new way of living: new purpose, meaning and joy. ‘Whether we are climbing up the ladder of sliding down the snake, God is just as real’, writes Helena. ‘He has a plan and purpose for each of our lives, and whatever the circumstances His love for us does not change.’