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Dying Star by Jason Upton

Author: Jason Upton
Product No: E798576372224
Price: £11.99

God's Building an Army: Passionate About Him It's not good music that breaks the yoke; it is the anointing of Jesus that breaks the yoke and sets us free. All through the Bible God used people who didn't have a clue, who didn't have all the answers and who didn't really know anything. They had no strategy - or their only strategy appeared to be to look to heaven and say, 'my eyes are on You, great victorious warrior, You are my shinning star'. In the end, it's our own choice whether to live out our own strategies thereby living so that others see only 'our' abilities; but then we'll end up just like the enemy - just another "dying star". God is building an army of sons and daughters whose single-minded passion is for His purposes alone. Track List: 1. Road to Emmaus 2. Dying Star 3. Burning in the Sky 4. Run Baby Run 5. Will of God 6. Whistle in Your Will 7. Mighty River 8. Samuel 9. Jesus 10. Lion of Judah