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Key of David by Jason Upton

Author: Jason Upton
Product No: E5060162260938
Price: £11.99

Jason and Rachel Upton named this CD "Key of David" because God has anointed the prophetic worship led by them and their team with a "breaker anointing" (Judges 5:2 Hebrew "when the breakers break through in Israel" or "when those who loosen unbind in Israel"). This is an anointing of prophetic worship which unlocks hearts to the Lord of Glory and sets hearts on fire for His Kingdom purposes. Track List: 1. Prelude to Worship 2. Freedom 3. Generation 4. Jesus Christ is Real 5. He Had to Have You 6. The Cost of Intimacy 7. Key of David 8. Come into the Light 9. Nothing’s Gunna Hold Me 10. Psalm 2:12