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Between Earth and Sky by Jason Upton

Author: Jason Upton
Product No: E798576398422
Price: £11.99

During 2005-2006, Key of David Ministries made efforts to record every event that Jason Upton and his team was scheduled to do. The idea was to capture a live recording of the particular song cycle that Jason planned on entitling “Beautiful People”. At the moment, it did not seem like this goal was accomplished, but sometimes hindsight is 20/20. At two different events, several of the recorded moments were beckoning to be shared with a larger audience. The compilation of these moments – both audio and video were released on “Between Earth and Sky” giving a CD and DVD compilation. “Some worship music is just a joyful noise, and then, some worship is a vehicle to drive deep into the heart of God. If there is one artist who truly takes that wheel, it’s Jason Upton.” CBN music review Track List: 1. Haylie 2. Emma 3. Spirit of Adoption 4. Beyond the Window 5. In Your Presence 6. Into The Sky 7. Father of the Fatherless 8. Lion of Judah