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Return by Pablo Perez

Author: Pablo Perez
Product No: E821827002226
Price: £11.99

Pablo Perez is a gifted composer, producer, musician and singer that has been creating music since 1997. Pablo believes in creating a combination of melodies and lyrics that awakens eternity in the human heart. His sound brings beauty, passion and above all… the awareness of God. When writing lyrics, Pablo has a strong conviction about using Scripture. In several of his songs, he enjoys combining biblical prayers with a beautiful and majestic musical orchestration. Pablo brings a captivating sound that anyone who loves music will come to appreciate. Return is a small reflection of God's heart for us. It is designed to awaken love in our souls, to woo and fascinate hearts for Jesus, says Pablo Perez about his latest release. Highlights include duets with Misty Edwards in Bridegroom, King and Judge.