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KJV Cornerstone Family Bible (White)

Product No: 978.15581.98876
Price: £19.99

The Cornerstone Family Bible brings the Book of the Ages into the here and now. It is a source of knowledge and inspiration for the present and a testimony of a family's faith for the generations to come. To both family and friends, the Cornerstone Family Bible makes a statement of faith that is strong and clear, simple and inviting. The Cornerstone Family Bible will create a center of interest in the home where children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren can be nurtured in the ways of Christ. The twenty Masters' paintings will create wonder in a child's eye and can be a springboard to conversation in teachable moments. The Key Verse call-out on almost every page will likewise be useful in guiding conversations about those things that matter most and may be the start of memorizing Bible verses. And the Family Records Section will enable families to capture in print their story and to record for the generations the heritage of what God has done in their family.