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Hey Howie Hardback Book NO Postage on this item will be charged

Author: Gordon Pettie
Product No: RT010
Price: £9.99

No postage will be charge on this item. Postage Free ignore the postage on the invoice it will not be charged. The story of Howard Conder, his fame, his fortune…….and walk with God Hey Howie is the story of Howard Conder’s amazing journey as a teenage drumming sensation who appeared on Top of the Pops and the London Palladium with pop groups such as the Barron Knights and Joe Brown, and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Rod Stewart and David Bowie. It is also the story of the pressure and depression that overcame him. One day Howie cried out to God…. With marriage to Lesley and his new faith, this is a story of a man and a woman who put God to the test and found He didn’t let them down.