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Children's Books

Robots in Assembly

Author: Veronica Bright
Product No: 1-8441.7175-2
Price: £9.99

Simple and fun-to-do assemblies for primary school by Veronica Bright. Meet Professor Huntley's robot teachers. When teacher's away they come to the rescue to make sure lessons go ahead - but with mixed results. This set of six assemblies provides a fun way to cover important areas of the KS1 curriculum, with links to PSHE and Citizenship, and Science. For example, the Teacher Robots share the joy of looking at mini-beasts and encourage children to approach them with care and sensitivity. Quirky the anti-litter robot has a special way of helping a 6 year old boy called Buzz realise that everyone belongs, everyone has a value and everyone has a contribution to make. Each assembly has clear preparation notes and follow up worksheets for class time. Best of all the children themselves can take part in the assembly with minimal preparation on your part. The sessions can also be used in church or Sunday school.