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Product No: 3-0799.0506-1
Price: £24.99

A decadently, delicious property trading game for chocolate lovers! Dark,milk, bittersweet,semi sweet, in a shake filled with caramel, covered in nuts. or as a warm, frothy brew. There's nothing the cocoa bean can't do. In this game, players buy favourite chocolate properties, collect chunks of chocolate and trade them in for factories. Sounds easy enough but pay your conching fees, suppress your cravings, or get sent to Chocoholics Anonymous and it becomes a little more difficult... and a lot more fun! so choose a token and roll the dice! Who knows? You may be chosen as a supertaster or you may experience death by chocolate. Heres a gamne for the true chocophile! for ages 8-adult and for 2-6 players.