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About us


"The Way" is a web community offering wide-ranging, Christ-inspired support and life style content to both Christians and non-Christians alike. In doing this "The Way" seeks to establish a Godly access to the Internet, providing a safe environment that will enrich its users and change thier lives in some way.

"The Way" aims to use this platform to change the world to the greater glory of God. An important part of this, is to provide services which are both excellent and professional.

Establishing a brand itself as a leading portal for Christian products and services in the UK. Our intention is to change the attitudes of our nation. Our power to do this comes from God, and lies in the quality and comprehensiveness of our work. This means being accepted as world-class by the market in terms of our services,information, expression and relevance. We will determine our success in these areas by measuring growth in the reaction to our services and products, how many lifes are changed, and names written in heaven.
The Way has established a strong relationship with Harvestfields in Doncaster, who have been involved in supplying many Christian Book shops throughout the UK. The product range has built up over the years with recent purchases of other companies, to provide an extensive range of thousands of unique and popular items.